Pets and Wildlife

Pets are welcome at Ray's Canoe Hideaway!

pets pawA leashed pet and proper pet waste disposal are mandatory during your visit at Ray's.
pawFor the enjoyment of all who paddle the Manatee River, please be sure to pick up after your pet.
pawKnow your pet's limits - keep it safe and fun for all!
Dog and People on River Beach
Many of mother nature's critters find Ray's Canoe Hideaway and other spots along the Manatee River just right!
butterfly This Palamedes Swallowtail finds the habitat at Ray's Canoe Hideaway irresistible. As you paddle the river, you will see flashes of brilliant color dance in mid-air. You may see a wide variety of beautiful butterflies and moths, including the Florida White, the Great Southern White, the bright yellow Southern Dogface, the Monarch-mimicking Viceroy, or the tiny spotted Cassius Blue.
You might even spot a distinctive
Zebra Longwing,
Florida's State Butterfly!
butterfly 2
manatee Visitors to Ray's Canoe Hideaway are sometimes lucky enough to spot one of these gentle giants - a rare and endangered Manatee.
There's nothing endangered about this cheeky critter.
You'll find that Eastern Gray Squirrels
are a common sight and sound.
turtle This Gopher Tortoise has set up resience near Ray's Canoe Hideaway. This slow moving critter is another endangered species.